The award for Outstanding Contributions by a Non-Traditional Defense Contractor is DOTC-NAC’s most prestigious annual award.

The Defense Ordnance Technology Consortium-National Armaments Consortium (DOTC-NAC) presents only one award each year at its annual membership meeting. This year, the AimLock team was honored to be one of only two recipients out of the 431 member organizations represented. The prestigious annual award for Outstanding Contributions by a Non-Traditional Defense Contractor was presented to the AimLock team in recognition for its cutting-edge development of stabilized auto-targeting weapon systems in conjunction with the Joint Services Small Arms Program (JSSAP).

Dev-Lock Systems Inc., d/b/a AimLock Inc, was spun out of Rocky Mountain Scientific Laboratory in 2013 to focus exclusively on the development and fielding of fire control systems based on its proprietary stabilized auto-targeting technology. In addition to its own product development efforts, AimLock has also worked with the JSSAP through a DOTC contract to further develop and prototype small arms applications for stabilized auto-targeting.

At the award ceremony, which capped off the DOTC-NAC annual membership meeting, a statement from JSSAP (the nominating government entity) was read aloud to more than 500 attendees, which said in part, “By decoupling weapons from their conventional stocks and grips and then stabilizing the weapon with miniaturized actuator systems, the AimLock systems allow semi-autonomous target recognition and ballistics firing solution corrections, all while preserving the shooter's final engagement decision at any time.”

The JSSAP statement went on to say, “Mission applications for AimLock are nearly ubiquitous as many utilizations are unsupported, moving, and time-constrained. This technology has the potential to create small-arms force overmatch that is nearly unparalleled in recent history.”

Bryan Bockmon, CEO of AimLock Inc. said, “I was thrilled and honored to have that kind of recognition from our customers. To win this award is a confirmation that what we’re doing is not only exciting, but important. The support of DOTC-NAC and JSSAP has been instrumental in helping us work toward our goal of providing our service men and women with aiming technologies to dominate the small arms fight.”

The Department of Defense Ordnance Technology Consortium (DOTC) created the NAC to represent the industrial and academic component of defense technology. The NAC, one of the largest consortiums of private sector stakeholders, aids companies in bringing their innovative prototype solutions to the government marketplace. A streamlined membership process for small and large businesses alike allows for rapid involvement and access to membership benefits such as government funding sponsors and technology managers, networking opportunities with other industry and academia members, and the ability to compete for funding, to name a few.