Featuring precision targeting software that leverages integrated day/night sensors, active stabilization, autonomous target detection, target classification, target tracking, and automatic ballistic solutions, the R-S1 enables engagement of static and moving targets air-to-air and air-to-ground while on the move. 

The R-S1 can mount to a variety of unmanned quadcopter or helicopter style aircraft for both advanced reconnaissance and target engagement. The system will act in an overwatch capacity, enabled to both hand target information back to other AimLock systems as well as to engage targets. 


The R-S1 system is mounted to an unmanned aerial platform or a portable tripod system and consists of a lightweight gimbal, a computing module, and sensors. It is controlled remotely by a ground station with both a hand controller and a display.

Designed to lend itself to many use cases, the R-S1 is capable of scaling to larger payloads up to 40mm combined with larger unmanned platforms that can support those payloads.

Additionally, the R-S1's gimballed 5.56mm rifle payload with precision targeting software can also be used as a fixed sentry system mounted on a tripod with an independent power supply.