A semi-autonomous remote weapon station for medium machine gun platforms.



Weapon Sensor Package
CORE Targeting Module
Core Targeting Module

Leveraging integrated day/night sensors, laser range-finding, active stabilization, autonomous target detection, target classification, target tracking, and automatic firing solutions, the R-M1 increases the speed and accuracy even when shooting on the move.

The R-M1 autonomously detects and tracks small unmanned aerial systems utilizing a unique combination of sensors and embedded computing to enable 7.62mm and .338 Norma Mag machine gun engagement. It will detect and engage both sUAS systems and ground targets such as vehicles and enemy combatants at distances up to the effective range of the host weapon system.

An ultra-portable system with maximum versatility, the AimLock R-M1 can be mounted to virtually any host platform including tripods, buildings, UTVs, ground vehicles, boats, and helicopters.



Our mission is to protect the people that protect us. AimLock’s autonomous targeting weapon systems are designed to secure the theatre, however big or small the threat.
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In combat theatre scenarios, AimLock’s fully integrated autonomous weapon systems enable operators to disrupt, degrade, or delay any enemy attack with speed, precision, and accuracy never achieved before.
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However harsh or dangerous the battlespace, AimLock’s collection of autonomous targeting weapon systems enable users to make well-informed decisions quickly.
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AimLock’s autonomous targeting weapon systems enable a whole new way to shape the battlefield in our favor from the ground, air, or sea.
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