A miniature stabilized remote systems for weapons weighing between 15 and 25 pounds – small rifle, carbine, or single shot grenade launcher.

R-S1 VaporR-S1 Gimbal


Weapon Sensor System
CORE Targeting Module
Core Targeting Module
Operator Control Unit
Operator Control Unit

The R-S1 can be mounted on a tripod, small drone, unmanned helicopter, or robotic unmanned ground vehicle to be employed in remote controlled sniper overwatch, or as an organic precision strike capability to engage enemy personnel.

The air-to-air counter drone mission is one of the most complex engagement scenarios imaginable. The R-S1 makes this type of engagement possible featuring precision targeting that leverages integrated day/night sensors, active stabilization, autonomous target detection, target classification, target tracking, and automatic ballistic solutions.

The R-S1 design can scale to larger payloads of up to 40mm combined with larger unmanned platforms (static or aerial) that can support those payloads.



AimLock’s autonomous targeting weapon systems enable a whole new way to shape the battlefield in our favor from the ground, air, or sea.
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However harsh or dangerous the battlespace, AimLock’s collection of autonomous targeting weapon systems enable users to make well-informed decisions quickly.
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Our mission is to protect the people that protect us. AimLock’s autonomous targeting weapon systems are designed to secure the theatre, however big or small the threat.
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