Artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, embedded computing, robotics/controls engineering, sensors / microelectromechanical systems, and a team of world class experts accomplished from the laboratory to the battlespace.


As a Research and Development services provider we are deeply committed to our customers, coming together to redefine the limits of autonomous innovation.

With a state-of-the-art design center and prototyping capabilities, we move fast to provide next generation solutions to our customers so they’re always one step ahead in defending our freedom.


We rapidly integrate autonomous precision targeting systems into existing and new unmanned platforms using a Modular Open Systems approach.

Our advanced embedded “Edge” computing, sensors, platforms, robotics, weapons/munitions, and human-machine teaming integrations create a cohesive technological infrastructure, enabling greater speed and accuracy at stand-off distances in all of our solutions.


Performance, reliability, and safety are really the only things that matter when the mission gets critical. Our private facility provides our team, customers, and partners with a 1,600m firing range, 400m aerial fires simulator, weapon and ammunition storage, fabrication and repair facilities, UAS pilots, and year-round testing.


We don’t stop at Research and Development. Our end goal is to transition our emerging technologies, so they are accessible to all end users.