Remote engagement speed and accuracy through automated target acquisition and firing solutions for weapon systems weighing between 45 and 65 pounds – automatic rifles up to .50-cal, multishot 40mm grenade launchers and rocket launchers, and small belt-fed machine guns.

R-S2 GLR-S2 Gimbal


R-S2 Gimbal
CORE Targeting Module
Core Targeting Module
Operator Control Unit
Operator Control Unit

Target acquisition is accomplished through multi-sensor fusion in the form of onboard edge-processing multi-modal and AI-enhanced target detection, classification, recognition, and identification.

Automated firing solutions are provided with 2-axis stabilized positioners that implement corrections for target and platform motion, environmental conditions, and targeting ranges.

Open architecture control interfaces come standard for rapid implementation within larger combat systems, but hardware and software are provided for standalone use. Platform integration kits are available for a suite of manned and unmanned air and ground vehicles, including in-service and experimental units.



Defeat current and future armored threats with AimLock’s precision strike weapon systems.
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In combat theatre scenarios, AimLock’s fully integrated autonomous weapon systems enable operators to disrupt, degrade, or delay any enemy attack with speed, precision, and accuracy never achieved before.
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