Our Story

Founded in Denver, Colorado, we believe in protecting the people that protect us. We want to make sure that good has a clear advantage over evil by dominating the firefight with revolutionary aiming technologies focused on increased hit probability and decreased time-to-engagement.

Some thought we were dreaming, but with an unwavering mission and unrelenting determination we pioneered the world’s first active stabilization and auto-targeting technology for individual, remote, and unmanned weapon systems.

Our Team

At AimLock our people are as committed as they come. Redefining the future is not for the faint of heart and we’ve assembled an unparalleled team that’s set out to accomplish the impossible regardless of any obstacle standing in our way.

As a research and development organization we bring world-class expertise in the integration of computer vision, artificial intelligence, networking, embedded computing, robotic/controls engineering, sensors/microelectromechanical systems, and lightweight materials into precision targeting weapon systems. Working both internally and in concert with our military and strategic partners, our team is accomplished in R&D from TRL 1 through TRL 8.